Adoptable Pets

  • 050212 Billy 09fb

    Billy- He is a lovable sweet 2 year old cat rescued from ACC. He gets along with other cats, is currently at a home with a dog.  He is very playful, loves to be held and is quite a curious cat.  Billy is up to date on shots, negative for FIV/FELV and neutered.  If interested contact us!!

  • luca


    Luca is a lovable 5 month old male rescued from the streets in queens.  He likes to be held, and get attention at his foster home.  Luca is a little love monkey who always wants to be held. If interested in meeting this fantastic guy please contact us!

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    This is Sami a super lovable Tonkinese that has Feline CH disorder otherwise known as Wobble disease. That doesnt stop her from doing any of the normal activities felines do it just makes her extra special.  Sami needs to find a loving home where she would be the center of attention. Sami is around 2 years of age currently in a foster home with other cats.

  • DSCN2434 (350x197)

    This is Ralphie and Harriet two super cute kittens around 7 months old. They were rescued from a residence home in Staten Island where they were taking shelter in the woods.  They are super sweet, both love playing and can entertain you for hours.  They are very active, would be great with kids.  Both are negative for fiv/felv, up to date with shots and spay/neutered. They are looking for a good home together, if interested contact us!

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    This is Claudia rescued from a city shelter around 2 years of age, she was going to be put to sleep due to space restrictions at the city shelter.  She is a sweet cat that loves people and attention.  Claudia loves to be held and gets along well with other cats. If interested in meeting her please contact us!

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    Kevin is a large 2 year old male Tabby. He is neutered, up to date on shots and negative for FIV/Felv.  Kevin was rescued from a home that had to give him up due to eviction.  He is very laid back, but playful at the same time. He is a handsome cat with lots of love to give to the right home.  If interested in meeting this gentle giant contact us.

  • leapicThis is Lea, a lovely lady rescued from a local city shelter.  She is in fostering upstate, she is a special needs kitty and was diagnosed with FIV.  Do not let that discourage you, cats live normal healthy long lives with FIV.  Lea is a sweet cat who deserves a change for a furever home
  • DSCN2975 253x450This is Lucinda she is a lovable lady from NYC animal control, she was rescued along with her three kittens that all found homes. Now its mommy's time to find a loving home, she is around 2 years of age, very sweet and loves to be held.  Lucinda is very affectionate as you can see from the photo very comfortable at the foster home.  She warms up to people very quickly and would make a great companion.  if interested contact us

  • Lovable mush cat!
  • This is Lea a lovely female adult cat

Happy Endings

This is Goldie recently adopted to Marilyn in Indiana

He won the kitty lotto and so did we. He's a total mushy lovebug and he's happy as a clam. we all adore him all ready. He even loves my toddler grandson. I want to get some good pictures of him, but he rubs so much all we get is a body part. We'll keep trying! I can't thank you all enough for what you do! Just keep doing it! 


Bobo and Mark recently adopted in January 2012 to Denise Azrilen

bobo1 (320x214)

bobo2 (350x209)

They were rescued before being put to sleep at local city shelter due to lack of space.  Bobo and Mark are truly best friends and very sweet companions according to Denise they are acclimating great to their new home.


This is Pam adopted to Jessica in Staten Island who suffered a leg injury, was from ACC in NYC.  Pam required orthopedic reconstruction to allow her the ability to walk again which was done at Redbank Animal Hosptial. She is thriving at her new home and a little overweight but happy, she recently had a new companion move into her home as you can see they are getting along great.

pam (229x250)

 pam (350x350)

Penny and Joey at their new home in NJ with their new friend Timmy

three Amigos (350x263)

Hi SI Hope,
The kittens are doing GREAT! They and our other cat Timmy get along great (we call them the 3 amigos). Here is a recent pic of the 3 of them in an area we call "kitties Korner" because it's right near a vent so they get cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter.
That's Penny and our older cat Timmy on the blanket and Joey near the vent.
We are so amazed that after just 5 weeks the kittens are so at home here. Penny is the sweetest little girl cat I have ever seen and Joey is as playful and affectionate as can be.
Adopting them has worked out great for everyone. Thanks very much for bringing them into our lives!

Mark, Joyce, Timmy, Joey and little Penny
Megan Kilgallen

Hi Michelle. Tony and Vito are doing great! Couldn't be a more perfect match for us. They're completely at home and comfortable. Thank you



Lesa King
I want to thank you again for bringing Taylor to me!  A recent rescue from NYCACC thanks to the help of volunteers Mike and Ray from SIHR
From adopter Debbie Dove

"Murphy is such a blessing. He is  9 pounds of fluffy love. All he wants to do is love, be loved, play, explore every corner of my place (he loves the bathtub!), sing/talk at the top of his lungs, beg for food and nap....oh, and taunt his 7 year old sister cat, Molly (who thinks he is a menace but is slowly warming up to him).

Thanks to Staten Island Hope Rescue for pulling him for me from death row NYC animal control. I can't imagine this little energetic ball of love not having the opportunity to live his life. Again, he is a blessing. I love him very much."





The Patches story: My friend Annette Davis shared his picture, as he was on the "kitty death row" list at Animal Care at Animal Care & Control in NYC. I reviewed his profile and saw that he had been at th...e shelter a long time, and his back legs were deformed. He looked just like my other cats (Piggy and the Sophies), so I decided I had to have him. It just wasn't fair that they deemed him unadoptable, I assume, because of his legs. I contacted a rescue, and Michael Dietrich at Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue picked him up and fostered him for me until I could get to NYC. I happened to be in Hershey, PA for work that weekend, and that's about 1.5 hours away, so it worked out great. It turns out he walks a little oddly, but he gets around fine. He's super sweet. The vet says he should probably stay in one room during the day and at night to protect his joints, but other than that, he's just one of the gang.



Foster and Smith

Drs. Foster  Smith